Wednesday, December 10, 2014

College Follies is now on the shelf at comic shops in Winston-Salem!

On the shelf at Ssalefish (the older issues are behind issue four)

College Follies is on the shelf at both local comic shops in Winston-Salem! All four issues and their variant covers are on the shelf at Ssalefish Comics, 3242 Silas Creek Pkwy in the Toys R Us plaza, and Burke Street Comics, 825 Burke St just off of Fourth Street. Ssalefish carries a wide array of new comics, figures and collectibles along with vintage toys. Burke Street specializes in vintage comics, toys and collectible with a great selection of Bronze and Silver Age Comics. The city is lucky to have both and I'm honored to have my comic of their shelves. So if you're within driving distance of Winston, come get you some College Follies! Those too far away can still get the digital versions or order print copies here.

On the shelf at Burke Street

Monday, December 8, 2014

Shipping just got lower for print copies!

For those wanting the series in print, shipping just got lower. I miscalculated the shipping on the issues, so now it's only $1.99 to ship an issue, plus 45 cent for each additional issue. Same shipping method I described before with bagged and boarded comics in an envelop marked "Do Not Bend" shipped First Class. You can buy them on my Square Marketspace here. And, of course, they're also available as digital comics on ComiXology and other sites as well.

Also, they should be hitting the shelves of Winston-Salem comic shops within the next week or so!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

College Follies #4 Creator's Commentary is now live!

The Creator's Commentary Video for College Follies #4 is now up. When you get issue four, let me know and I'll shoot you a link to the exclusive video. The issue is available in both print and digital. You can get it by clicking here.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

College Follies #3 Creator's Commentary Video is up!

Creator's Commentary for College Follies #3, the Power Ranger parody issue, is now up on YouTube. If you already own the comic, let me know and I'll shoot you a link to the behind-the-scenes commentary video, made exclusively for readers who bought the issue. If you don't already own it, what are you waiting for? It's available both as a digital comic and in print, here.

Monday, December 1, 2014

You can now buy the print editions of the series online!

So the print editions for College Follies are finally available to order online! All four issues of the series and the variant covers for each are now on an online Square Martketplace for you to buy. To get them, click here.

The print copies are a dollar more than their digital counterparts. And you also have to pay shipping, which is $2.99 for the first comic and 55 cent for each additional comic you order. I tried to keep the shipping as low as possible, but unfortunately since I'm an individual, I don't get the shipping discounts big businesses do and can't really afford to lose the money off the costs of shipping and packaging.

Each comic will come bagged and boarded, and shipped in an envelop marked "Do Not Bend" in first class mail. If you want them shipped in a different way or with a tracking number, I can do that for an additional cost, just let me know. Shipping  is within the US, but international customers can contact me and we can work something out (though I'm sure the shipping will be crazy expensive). I'll try my best to get every order out within two days of receiving it.

And, of course, cheaper digital editions are always going to be available too. You can get those by clicking here.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

College Follies #4 now on ComiXology!

Just a quick post to make sure everyone knows College Follies #4 is out! It went live on ComiXology on Wednesday and you can get it by clicking here.  The issue tells the story of Psychoboy's campaign for Congress. The 8 page short story includes an editorial by Psychoboy himself and is available for only 99 cents. Be sure to also check out Psychoboy's online campaign at, which features a bio, campaign videos and links to Psycho's social media campaign.

And with that, all four issues of College Follies are now available on ComiXology as well as on Amusedom and DriveThruComics. I'll be talking about plans for issue five soon. Until then, consume mass quantities of the series, and let me know what you think!

Monday, November 24, 2014

College Follies #4 will be out on ComiXology this Wednesday!

Just a quick post to let you know that College Follies #4, the Elect Psychoboy issue, will be out on ComiXology on Wednesday. It's only one week after the release of Issue 3, so this is a super fast turnaround after I submitted Issue 4 a little over a month ago. So in just a couple days, all four existing issues of College Follies will be on ComiXology!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

College Follies #3 is out now on Comixology!

College Follies #3, the Power Ranger parody issue, came out yesterday on ComiXology and you can get it here!

The issue was inspired by the 20th anniversary of  Power Rangers and the big anniversary season wraps up this Saturday with a finale featuring almost a dozen returning actors (including Jason David Frank as Tommy) and all 120+ rangers appearing in one big battle. There is no more perfect week that this issue could be released!!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

College Follies #3 on Comixology tomorrow!!!

I've been so busy with the con and other things I just now have time to post this...College Follies #3, the Power Ranger parody issue, will be out on ComiXology tomorrow! It's only $1.99! Start searching your couch cushions for change now!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Tale From The Con: Bull Durham Edition

So the two day NC Comicon in Durham this weekend was both my worst single day at a convention and my best.

Saturday varied between being empty (in my section), to being so crowded attendees were penguin walking to get through the hordes clogging the aisle. I talked with a few folks, but that was it. Zero sales. Nothing even remotely hopeful happened. It was nine hours of soul crushing nothing.

To top it off I worked the entire time on a print of Baby Groot, using my printer I brought to scan it in, and then inking and coloring it on my laptop. I used a small screen to let passersbys watch what I was doing the entire time. I had gorgeous, uber-professional, top-of-the-line, 5-star photo paper that'll never deteriorate to print it on...and it didn't work. It kept leaving two discolored marks on each print. The printer had a hard time loading, and even the times the paper misloaded and was spit out with no ink on it, it had the marks. I tried both photo paper and special paper settings. I checked the alignment and cleaned the cartridges, even though they printed fine on normal paper. I rebooted the printer and my computer. If I'd known a priest, I would've had an exorcism performed on the damn thing. Nothing worked. My big plan to sale prints and do on-demand color art for folks was ruined.

So all that was pretty devastating. 

Sunday was a shorter day with less people, but almost right off the bat it was a different, more normal feel. I had a steady stream of people come up and express interest in my work and buy things. In fact, it was far and away the most I've sold in one day. I even put out two of the flawed Groot prints that printed clean enough to sale at a discount, and sold both for $5. If it had been at a local con I would've made up the cost of admission with my sales!

Overall it was a pretty impressive, well set up con. Artists were segregated from dealers so I didn't have a dealer's book shelves or racks squeezing into what little space I had. There was no space between tables but there was more than enough room to walk in and out of the aisles for creators, which was a refreshing change. The floor was carpeted, the chairs were cushy and comfortable. 

The table setup is a bit odd with some creators, like me, getting clearly marked 6 foot space that took half of two tables. This made using my table cloth impossible, but my set up covered the whole top of the table and my banner acted as a table skirt, so it didn't matter.

The banners from worked well. I put the tall banner stand together wrong twice before I saw the properly assembled banner of Superville's Bobby and Suzanne Capobianco (who were a source of support and advice during the con, thanks guys!). Once assembled, it worked perfectly all weekend, and came apart and packed up easily at the end. 

The regular horizontal banner I actually stuck to the very edge of my table using Scotch Restickable Tabs for Mounting. I've had a lot of problems with paper I put up with tape coming down during conventions, but this worked like a charm, not requiring readjustment all weekend, even on a 6 x 2.5 foot vinyl banner!

The set up with the screen and printer was a lot of trouble and I didn't really get to try it before the con, since I got electricity at the last minute. The screen did attract interest and probably prompted one sale. But mostly it was nice to inspire folks who were thinking of doing art by showing them the process. The printer set up could work if I get normal photo  paper. I might try it again if I do a big con again someday. 

And I did get to ink a variant cover for Issue 5 on Sunday. More on that later....

Saturday, November 15, 2014

College Follies at NC Comicon Today and Tomorrow!!!

Here's pics of my set up for my College Follies booth for today and tomorrow at NC Comicon at the Durham Convention Center in Durham. It runs from 10 am -7 pm today. I came up yesterday to set up but they didn't have my electricity ready so I have to get there early today. No big deal. I figured out how to get the banners up and to fit all the comics and prints on the table and that's the important thing. I fully expect to get it hooked up by the time the con opens and be working on things by then.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

College Follies at NC Comicon this weekend!

I'll be at NC Comicon in Durham this Saturday and Sunday. I'll be in booth A69. I'll have a large six foot standing vertical banner and a banner draped across the front of my table, so hopefully I'll be easy to spot. I'll have a set up with a screen so you see me work on the comic or other digital art as I'm doing it. I'll have a printer with me and be doing full color digital prints on request. And, of course print copies of issue four, both regular and variant editions, will be there to purchase along with the rest of the series. So come out and see me!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Elect Psychoboy: Why Take Chances?

Above is the final campaign video for Psychoboy.  Basically putting every fear-based, punch-in-the-gut ad together in a blender while sprinkling in some girls in bikinis, zombies and an orgasm.

The last graphic for the campaign went live today, on Election Day. Psycho will continue sharing his thoughts on social media for the rest of the week. It's been fun but I'm glad to be winding the mock campaign down. I hope folks continue find and enjoy Psycho's posts, videos and, of course, the comic itself.

Monday, November 3, 2014

My Elect Psychoboy sign was stolen!

So the Elect Psychoboy sign I put up near the corner of University and North Point in Winston-Salem is no longer there. I hadn't had a chance to check it in the last couple days so I'm not sure when it was taken. All the other political and adverting yard signs in that area were left intact, it was just mine that was missing.

I'm not printing another one, due to the expense of the sign (it costs nearly $30) and how long it would take to print (It takes 24 hours for the ink to dry, so the soonest I could get one now would be sometime on Election Day, when I have to do a double shift at work).

It's a shame. I was getting hits on Psychoboy's site from people seeing the sign, which I'm sure would've increased as we approached Election Day, and I was hoping to use the sign for future conventions and such. I'm pretty bummed out by this. A lot of disappointing things have happened since I started work on the comic, but this probably tops the list. I'm sure whoever took it probably meant no malice, but the damage is done none the less.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Elect Psychoboy: Are You Tired of Politicians Who Do Things?

Alright, so here's another ad for Psychoboy's campaign in College Follies #4. This time turning the camera on myself, imitating those annoying commercials where voters talk how perfect and wonderful a candidate is or how horrible and evil their opponents are. This is one continuous take in my kitchen. I shot it about 30 times and picked the best of the ones were I actually made it all the way through the script.

I think I got one more of these videos in me and then I'm done.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Elect Psychoboy Yard Sign and Press Release!

Yes, that's a real sign that's now up on University Parkway in Winston-Salem, NC (where I live). I had it printed over the weekend and finally had time to put it up this morning.

I also sent out a release for  Psychoboy's online campaign this morning. Yes! Weekly already put a write up of it on their site. If you have a news site of any sort feel free to put it up. Any suggestions on other places to send it are welcome...

Press Release
October 29, 2014
CONTACT: Todd Luck, (336) 392-0837,

Mock ‘Elect Psychoboy’ Campaign Spoofs Midterms

WINSTON-SALEM, NC-  A mock political campaign by comic book character Psychoboy is showing just how crazy the midterm election can be. 

Psychoboy is a character in College Follies, a digital comedy comic book series by comic creator Todd Luck. College Follies #4 tells the story of Psychoboy's bid for Congress, showing everything from pandering town halls to him stealing the campaign signs of other local candidates. But the comic is only part of the story, as Luck created a virtual campaign for Psychoboy that includes a website, social media posts, YouTube videos and even a real life campaign sign that sits along University Parkway in Winston-Salem.

“I wrote issue four before the midterm season really got going, so Psychoboy’s online campaign lets me make fun of things happening now,” said Luck.

Psychoboy’s posts on social media sites Facebook, Twitter and Google+ include mock fundraiser announcements like one for Bazookas & Booze, making light of NC Senate Candidate Molotov Mitchell’s recent Bullets & Bourbon fundraiser. His frequent online campaign signs feature slogans like “Elect Psychoboy or you’ll get Ebola” and “Elect Psychoboy because he knows as little as you do.”

His campaign site,, also touts the fictional candidate's lack of substance and qualifications.

“Psychoboy has never served in politics before,” his bio reads. “He knows nothing about government and is only vaguely aware there is a Congress. This makes him the perfect candidate for our time.” 

Luck said Psychoboy’s daily social media posts will continue through Election Day. While he said he hopes the virtual campaign gets people to buy College Follies #4, now available on digital comic sites and, he also hopes that it encourages people to vote in what he says is a very important midterm election.


Elect Psychoboy: He Likes Cute Kittens!

So above is my all-time favorite video I've done. Heck, one of my favorite things I've done, period. This ad actually appears for one panel in  College Follies #4, so it's really awesome to have the advertisement exist in it's entirety for real. Again, I love being able to flesh out the story in the issue with Psychoboy's virtual online campaign.

So this ad is inspired by a longstanding joke I've had that politics often becomes the art of liking the most generic universally, loved thing you can find, basically running on a platform of liking fuzzy animals. The kitten specifically was chosen because of the incident in the New York mayoral race where there was a minor controversy over if the subway system should've shut down to get some kittens off the track. Yes, there were literally candidates trying to outdo each other over their love of kittens. You can't make this stuff up.

More videos to come!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

ComiXology responds to College Follies #3 and #4!

I just got two emails from ComiXology this morning on College Folllies #3 and #4....they've both been approved!

So others who submitted to ComiXology had experienced a significant acceleration in turnaround time on subsequent issues of their series and apparently that's finally happening for me! It took 6 months to get issue one approved and more than three months to get issue two approved. Issue three was submitted three months, so that's only a slight improvement. But issue four was submitted less than three weeks ago, so it was approved in under a  month!!!

This is great news since issue three, a Power Ranger parody, should come out in November, which is when the final episodes of the current 20th anniversary season of Power Rangers are being shown. And issue four, in which Psychoboy runs for Congress, should be out before year's end on ComiXology!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Elect Psychoboy: Anything You Want YouTube Ad

So above is my most epic video to date.

I'll be posting at least once a day for the next two weeks on Psychoboy's social media campaign. Having Psychoboy run for Congress during the midterm election season was always been my goal. This has been an awesome experience, creating his posts and telling the tale online alongside the story in College Follies #4 which is out now (click here to get it). The only thing that's missing is more people to interact with and share his posts.

The thing is, it's the internet. so his posts will be up forever. Check out his website, at any point and you can still check out everything he's posted  on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

Psychoboy still needs to hear from you. What do you want him to stand for? It can be serious or silly. Reasonable or ridiculous.

So follow Psycho, comment, like and share his stuff. And remember...Nuke Ebola!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

College Follies Press Release

This is a press release on the series I sent out to local papers last week. The short and long versions of it are below. If you're a comic news site (or any other type of news publication) feel free to take and run either one with any pics you need off my site. If anyone has advice on entertainment or comic sites that cover indi comics that I could send this to, let me know.

Press Release (full version)
October 24, 2014

Funny Books Get Digital
College Follies is among a growing number of comic books going digital 

College Follies has gone from an unknown comic book series with a single issue printed in 2000 to a digital comic distributed worldwide, thanks to changing technology.

College Follies, touted as an “An epic parody of life itself,” was created by Todd Luck back in the late 1990s while he was a student at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. A lover of the comic book medium, he dreamed of one day breaking into the comic industry. The comedy series was one of many concepts he wrote plots for in his spare time. For a senior art project, he wrote and drew one issue of it. He had 50 copies printed at a local copy shop in 2000. 

“I printed up some copies to send to comic publishers to see if they’d pick it up,” said Luck, “I also tried to sell them at local comic shops and the Heroes Convention in Charlotte. Unfortunately, no one picked it up and few bought it.”

Luck stopped work on the comic while drawing the series’ second story in 2000. He said he had few options. Printing was out of his price range, as was the high tech tools to scan in, letter and prepare the pages for print. Without a comic publisher to pick it up, he had no way to distribute it.

Luck stopped drawing comics for years, but in 2013 he decided to look into the possibility of producing a comic again. He found a lot had changed. 

“There’s been a democratization of publishing with new technology,” he said. “Anyone can create and distribute content online for little or no cost. You can send comics to printers anywhere in the world to get the best price for print comics.”

Luck, who now resides in Winston-Salem, NC, said new technology allowed him to fix everything that was wrong with the first issue in 2000. He said his inking was crude, made more so by the distortions from scanning and compressing the art with the software of the time. The printing was equally crude and expensive. Even printed in black and white on copy paper, it cost $3 per copy to print, not a good thing when $3 was the standard price comics sold for.

Last year, he used the graphics program Photoshop to clean up his inks, color the comic and create the highest quality version of it possible. Using internet sites and, he was able to transform his work into digital comics anyone in the world could buy. The digital distribution costs nothing up front and  the sites only take a percentage of the sales he makes. Even getting copies printed to sale at conventions cost him a fraction of what it used to, with 25 color copies of the first issue on high quality paper costing him a little over $2 a pop. 

But the biggest boon was the shot at ComiXology, the net’s biggest digital comic distributor, with comics that can read be online and on mobile apps. Through ComiXology Submit, Luck submitted the new, color College Follies #1, and after eight months, it was accepted and available through ComiXology.

“That was a great moment when I got that acceptance email,” he said. “I’d been waiting for something like that my whole life.”

While he said the first issue was greatly improved, one thing he didn't touch was the story. College Follies #1 stars a college student named Stickboy who goes home to visit his family and his best friend Psychoboy after a school shooting has gripped the country in fear and paranoia. Based on the reaction to the Columbine shootings of the late 90s, the issue takes readers back to a time before “active shooter” became part of the national vocabulary, when Chris Matthews and Geraldo Rivera were both on CNBC airing a string of guests using the tragedy to tout their own agendas. It was a time when there was calls to pull the new hit movie "The Matrix" as a result of the shooting. 

“It’s a comic book time capsule,” Luck said. “It represents where the country, the culture and myself were at the time.”

The second issue, which was finally completed this year, came out October 8 on Comixology. The slice-of-life short story revolves around rumors caused by Stickboy walking his ex-girlfriend to her car. Luck said it felt good to finally have that second story done and to move on to new material.
Issue three, a Power Ranger parody, and issue four, in which Psychoboy runs for Congress, are both out on Amusedom and DriveThruComics, and should be out on ComiXology in the next several months.

For more information on College Follies, visit  


Press Release (short version)
October 24, 2014

New Comic Series Lampoons Life Itself

Fourteen years in the making, College Follies, is a digital comic series exploring everything from media hyped shootings to the consequence of hanging around an ex.

College Follies, touted as an “An epic parody of life itself,” was created by Todd Luck, a Winston-Salem, NC resident, back in the late 1990s when he was a college student. When the series wasn't picked up by comic publishers in 2000, he shelved it. With the advent of digital comics, Luck decided to give it another go beginning last year, completing the first two stories for digital distribution. Both are now on sale on ComiXology, the net’s biggest digital comic distributor, with comics that can be read online and on mobile apps. 

College Follies #1 stars a college student named Stickboy who goes home to visit his family and his best friend Psychoboy after a school shooting has gripped the country in fear and paranoia. Based on the reaction to the Columbine shootings of the late 90s, the issue takes readers back to a time before “active shooter” became part of the national vocabulary, when Chris Matthews and Geraldo Rivera were both on CNBC airing a string of guests using the tragedy to tout their own agendas. It was a time when there was calls to pull the new hit movie "The Matrix" as a result of the shooting. 

“It’s a comic book time capsule,” Luck said. “It represents where the country, the culture and myself were at the time.”

The second issue is a slice-of-life  story that revolves around rumors caused by Stickboy walking his ex-girlfriend to her car. 

Issue three, a Power Ranger parody, and issue four, in which Psychoboy runs for Congress, are both out on digital comic sites and, and should be out on ComiXology in the next several months.

For more information on College Follies, visit  


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

College Follies #4, the Elect Pscyhoboy Issue, Is Out!!!

Ladies and Gentleman, College Follies #4 is out now! It's an 8 page yarn about Psychoboy's epic campaign for Congress! Plus, there's an exclusive editorial in the back by Psychoboy himself! All this for only 99 cent!

Click here to get it as a downloadable PDF on DriveThruComics. Click here to get the regular cover as a digital comic on Amusedom and click here to get the nifty digital variant cover (available only on Amusedom).

Psychoboy's online campaign will continue for a couple more weeks. Check out his site, and also look for all the terrific nonsense he's been posting on social media. The best is yet to come as I'll be working on short video ads for Psycho's campaign! Not to spoil too much, but they involve kittens and post-apocalyptic hellscapes!

For the last year it's been my goal to get this issue out before election day. My day job has not made that an easy goal, but it's one I've accomplished with a lot of work and perseverance.   

This issue has been submitted to Comixology, which probably won't get it up before next year. It'll be printed up for NC Comicon next month. I plan to make print copies available shortly after that online. They'll be a dollar more than the digital comics, plus shipping fees. 

I'll got into what's next for me and the series later, but right now enjoy Psychoboy's election madness. The campaign trail is long, but the destination is totally worth it. 

Sunday, October 19, 2014

College Follies #4 uploaded for its Wednesday release!

College Follies #4 is done and has been uploaded to both DriveThruComics and Amusedom. It'll be available on both sites on Wednesday! It's not as early in the month as I'd hoped, but you'll still be able to read all about Psychoboy's campaign before Election Day.

It's been submitted to ComiXology too, but their review process takes months, so don't expect to get it on there too soon. I'll be sending it to the printer in the next week or two, so it'll be printed for NC Comicon in November. 

Psychoboy will continue posting for the next couple weeks as the election season heats up, so be sure to check out and follow him on social media!

Creator's Commentary is up for College Follies #2!

Now that College Follies #2 is out on ComiXology, I finally got a chance to sit down and go through the guided view of the comic and record the Creator's Commentary video. Just like with issue one, it's exclusively for those who bought the issue, it doesn't matter what format you got it in (print, Amusedom, DriveThruComics or ComiXology) just as long as you have a version of it. So if you've bought issue two, let me know, and I'll shoot you the link to the video. If you haven't gotten issue two yet, what are  you waiting on? It's only 99 cent. You can click here to get it.

And if you've got issue one, let me know, and I'll shoot you the link to that issue's commentary too.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Issue Four Is Done! It'll Be Released This Wednesday!

I finished the final page of issue four's story yesterday. I can't show you much in the way of dialog without spoiling things, so here's a panel without the lettering...

Well, I can at least show you this cropped panel of Stickboy with dialog...

Yup that pretty much sums it up.

I also finished up the letter column, which will features an editorial by Psychoboy himself. It also features a teaser for issue five. I can't show you either of those right now. But I can at least show how cool the header looks with a purple background...

So, what can I tell you? 

Well, now that I've completed work on the issue, all I have left to do is proof it and upload it, which I'll do this weekend. So I'm officially announcing that issue four will be available this Wednesday, October 22, for 99 cent on both Amusedom and DriveThruComics! 

It's been a long journey to get here. I just got to go a little bit more and I'm done!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Issue Four, Page Seven Done! Psychoboy plays Hardball!

Finished page seven over the weekend. Only one more page left in the story.

I'm going to show some panels without lettering so as not to spoil the ending... 

Yup, it's Chris Matthews on Hardball again. I did a panel of him in issue one from the late 90s so taking another stab at the likeness while capturing the look of the modern show was a thrill. The pic of Psychoboy is from his announcement that he's running for office off social media.

Here we do a reveal that Psycho is the one watching the broadcast. Now, originally I had just planned for Stickboy and Psychoboy to stand there and talk after that and then for Psycho to make a speech on the next page. But I realized I needed to establish the stage, the crowd, where Stickboy was, etc for the speech. So I used the same dialog but instead did this... 

I basically have a couple panels showing them walking from the green room to the podium. It's actually a little more natural this way and a bit more interesting than them standing there talking. Plus I love that panel.

And one last panel, this one doesn't have much dialog so I can show it without spoiling anything...

So the last page should be done this week and I'll have the letter column done by the weekend. I'm tentatively planning for a release next week, but I want to get a little further in before I announce anything concrete.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Issue Four Title Page Done! The Many Signs of Psychoboy!

I did the title page for issue four yesterday. It's basically a shot of Psychoboy's campaign signs I printed up for conventions. I'm not sure how easy it is to make out, but the title itself is on a napkin, which is a West Wing reference. The last sentence of the legal fine print at the bottom has a joke I slipped in, so give that a read.

Page seven is also done. I'll post panels from that in the next couple days. I'm working on the final page of the story today. It's a flurry of activity as I finish up issue four!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

College Follies #2 now out on ComiXology!!!!

College Follies #2 is now out on ComiXology! ComiXology's digital comics features single page, double page and guided view. It can be read either online or on a mobile device, just in case you want to read a story set in a Super Happy-Mart while standing in line at the real thing. You can own this anti-romantic comedy now for only 99 cent! Click here to get it!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Issue Four, Page Six Done...Campaign Montage Time!

The great thing about this story is pretty much every new page is my favorite. Page six, which shows the campaign montage, is no exception...

This panel is inspired by the keg parties put on by a group that was against the Affordable Care Act. They literally threw drunken college parties to encourage students to not sign up for health insurance. Admittedly "Intoxicate the Vote" seems kind of sane by comparison. Sometimes, even Psychoboy can't compete with real life crazies

And this panel...yeah, that was A LOT of work on the lettering. I decided to have him stealing campaign signs of local candidates in my area. Most of the designs are made up. What made the work worth it, is I get to show how ridiculously thorough Psycho is, taking everyone's sign no matter how small or unrelated the campaign is. 

I'm a reporter in my day job and accusations of candidates stealing each other's signs is fairly common. So now you know, if campaign signs go missing, it wasn't a prank or calculated political tactic. It's just Psychoboy being thorough. No real campaign signs were harmed in the making of this comic. 

So with page six out of the way, I have only two pages to go! I'm going to try to draw, ink and color page seven this weekend. Can I do it in 48 hours? We'll see. Wish me luck!

And in the meantime be sure to check out the Elect Psychoboy site and follow him on social media for more of his awesome campaign!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Issue Four, Page Five...Psychoboy Gets His Bill Clinton On!

So I'm finally done with page five for issue four. Here we enter Team Psycho HQ for a look at what our candidate is like around the office...

I got to say I love that shirt. I  drew Psychoboy's custom action figure on the desk just as an odd touch. I wanted the HQ to have campaign signs plastered all over so I just took some already existing signs for Psycho's virtual campaign now happening on social media. They'll be posted on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter in the coming weeks, so be sure to like or follow Psychoboy. I've got some really fantastic gags I'll be posting in the coming weeks as the election (and the release of the issue) grows closer.

And because you've been really good, here's one more panel...

Oh, who can comprehend true genius, or whatever it is that's going on in Psychoboy's head? So next up, the epic campaign montage page!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Still Plugging Away...

Just wanted to let you guys know I'm still making progress on issue four. I've got all the posts ready for this week on Psychoboy's campaign, but my day job prevented me from even touching a page all week. I'm happy to report I was able to ink and color page five this weekend and should have it wrapped up this week. I should be able to get back on schedule and get this story knocked out in about a month.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

ComiXology accepted College Follies #2!

Just got the acceptance letter on College Follies #2 from ComiXology this morning! Issue one took almost two months for them to process for release after acceptance, but since issue two is shorter, hopefully it'll be quicker.

Issue two is a slice of life, anti-romantic comedy set in a Super Happy-Mart starring Stickoy and his ex-girlfirend, Dino. Because it's a shorter issue, it's 99 cent, and is already out on Amusedom and DriveThruComics. The ComiXology version can be read on both computers and mobile devices and has "Guided View" that takes you through the comic panel-by-panel (ideal for mobile devices).

College Follies #3, the Power Ranger parody issue, hasn't been reviewed yet. I'm hoping the pace picks up now that I've got two issues approved. I doubt issue three will be out on ComiXology before December, like I'd hoped, but it is out on Amusedom and DriveThruComics right now.

So wait just a little bit longer and you'll soon be reading College Follies #2 on ComiXology!