Thursday, January 8, 2015

The College Follies #5 House of Psycho Variant Cover!

So after taking a month off from working on the series in any way, I'm back with the variant cover for issue five! And, yes, I will go ahead and announce that issue five, entitled "Psychoboy Went to Washington" is the conclusion of Psychoboy's epic Congressional saga. As you can probably guess, he was elected in issue four and we now get to see him take to the hallowed halls of the House of Representatives to put all his empty campaign promises of inaction into reality!

The variant cover below was penciled and inked at the NC Comicon in November as passersby looked on. I've been too busy to touch it since then, so I colored and lettered it last night. Obviously, the variant is a homage to the amazing Netflix series House of Cards with Psychoboy in place of its main villain (or is that hero?) Rep. Frank Underwood. Though not a parody of any one movie, show or real life event, issue five will have it's share of jokes lampooning political melodramas including House of Cards, Mr Smith Goes to Washington, Captain America: Winter Solder and most outlandish of all: Senator Ted Cruz!

Work on the regular cover and script will begin soon!