About College Follies

College Follies is an epic parody of life itself. I began plotting the stories in college, along with numerous other concepts. I only made one issue of College Follies for a class project in 1999, which I have touched up, re-lettered and colored. The issue is now  a digital comic carried by AmusedomDriveThruComics and Comixology. I have small print runs of a print edition that I'm selling at conventions and will be available online in the Fall. I'm currently producing brand new stories for the series, my first new comics in over a decade! To view and purchase the comics, click here.

This blog will let you follow my progress. I'll be posting pics and videos, updating you on the comic and, ultimately, letting you know when you can get the finished product. Since I work fulltime and I'm doing this in my spare time, this will start as a few short stories a year. My hope is that I'll find collaborators to help me do College Follies as a full length ongoing series and turn some of my other creations into comics.