Monday, April 27, 2015

Winston-Salem Comicon Strikes Again

So I had my booth at Winston-Salem Comicon again. Definitely a bigger crowd with more new faces than the con from a month ago. It was pretty decent.

Lots of great talent there. I was beside several artists sharing a table. One was wOlly (William Wacllace), a talented artist from Charlotte who does a comic called Legend of the Black Pandas and does a lot of freelance work. The other was artist Nathan Long and his co-writer Robert Guetrin of Salem Rock Comics who have their owm comic horror/suspense Terrable Tales. Though only in high school, Nathan  already has a published comic, inks like a pro (by hand with a brush while at a convention!) and will be appearing at Burke Street Comics for Free Comic Book Day next Saturday!

I forgot to take pictures of everyone, but Nathan is a big College Follies fan  and sent me this amazing piece of fan art on Facebook recently with his character meeting Psychoboy, so here you go...

That's totally going in the letter column for issue five (which will be coming out at some point before you die). I don't have a next con planned yet. There should be a Winston-Salem Comic Con in the Fall, but I'll post about that when it gets closer to the time.